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Johan Billiet



Johan Billiet has been a bar member since 1977. He started his career as a lawyer at the bar of Gent and became a member of the bar of Brussels in 1979. He was one of the first lawyers to be registered in a European list at the bar of Paris.

Johan has been head of Billiet & Co for over 30 years. The courts of Brussels frequently appoint him as a judiciary representative.

Johan frequently acts in international arbitration proceedings. He’s also the president of the Association for International Arbitration (A.I.A.) IVZW and lectures dispute resolution at the Brussels VUB University.

Johan is the author of many different books and articles concerning distribution law, company law, contract law and alternative dispute resolution.

He works in Dutch, French and English.

You can contact Johan through email: johan.billiet@billiet-co.be

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Konstantinos Adamantopoulos



Dr. Konstantinos Adamantopoulos is a dual qualified Greek lawyer and member of the Brussels Bar's E list since 2002.

He specializes in EU trade law, EU competition law, including merger control, and State aid. He has worked extensively and has in depth expertise in the telecommunications, media, sports, energy, mining-commodities, aviation and construction/public works sectors as well as the steel and chemical industries. He regularly represents clients, from across Europe, the US and Asia, before the European institutions and has extensive experience of litigation, representing governments and corporate entities before the European Commission, the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union, as well as in dispute settlement procedures before WTO institutions.

Konstantinos has authored a number of publications on European law and policy and has presented at conferences on aspects of EU competition, State aid, trade and air transport law. He regularly lectures on EU law.

Curriculum Vitae

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Philippe Billiet




Philippe Billiet focuses on alternative dispute resolution, commercial law and proceedings involving sovereigns. He is frequently involved in matters with a diplomatic dimension.

Philippe also lectures on arbitration and mediation at the Brussels VUB University and at various training centres such as the European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice (EMTPJ) and the AIA Brussels Arbitration School (ABAS).

Philippe further holds a directorship mandate at the Association for International Arbitration AISBL, an international association for the promotion of ADR and ADR stakeholders.

Philippe is also member of the Advisory Board to the Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA), which focuses on economic diplomacy and international entrepreneurship.

As an arbitrator, Philippe is registered with the following arbitration centres: the Cour Belge d’Arbitrage pour le Sport (Belgium), CEDIRES (Belgium), the Raad voor Arbitrage (Belgium), the Institute of Arbitration (Belgium), the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (Austria), the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (Malaysia), the Commission de Litiges Voyages (Belgium), the Lagos Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (Nigeria), the Commercial Arbitration Centre in Harare (Zimbabwe), the Chambre Régionale d’Arbitrage Aix-en-Provence (France) and the BANI Arbitration centre (Indonesia).

As a mediator, Philippe is accredited in Belgium and is one of the first mediators who obtained the EMTPJ cross-border mediator certification, specializing in the settlement of international commercial disputes.

He works in Dutch, French, English and is conversational in German.

Philippe is listed as an accredited international advisory expert in the field of arbitration.

You can contact Philippe through email: philippe.billiet@billiet-co.be

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Maarten Bentein



Maarten works as an associate with Billiet & Co. His areas of expertise include litigation, commercial insolvency law, bankruptcies and alternate dispute resolution. Prior to working with Billiet & Co, Maarten worked with a company in Spain where he focused on Spanish property law which included acquisition of real estate and commercial investments. Maarten has experience in arbitration and mediation and has been frequently appointed as an arbitrator in several commercial disputes. He is also an accredited mediator and has been appointed as a mediator in several matters.

- Master of Laws (LLM), Distinction, University of Gent, Belgium, 2011;
- Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of Gent, Belgium, 2009;
- EMTPJ Mediator Certificate;
- Trustee in Bankruptcy;
- Brussels Arbitration School Certificate.

- Maarten has lectured on the subject of Patents and Trademarks at United International Business Schools.

- Dutch
- English
- French
- Spanish

Tel. +32(0)499/12.86.81

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Vladimir Lincautan



Vladimir is an of counsel with Billiet & Co and specialises in international law (trade, EU-regulation, immigration, import & export and transport law).

Vladimir has a lot of experience in assisting multinational enterprises, in assisting people who immigrate to “The Commonwealth of Independent States” (CIS) or in helping people who immigrate to the EU and in advising people who invest in, import, export and trade within the EU-zone.

Vladimir is also a sworn interpreter and teaches commercial law at Syntra Antwerp and Syntra BA.

He works in Dutch, French, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian and English.

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Dr GabriEl-Luc Ballon



Dr. Luc-Gabriël Ballon is an of counsel with Billiet & Co. He mainly focuses on unfair commercial practices, commercial law, intellectual property law, author’s rights, nutrition law, food hygiene and rules concerning packaging.

He is an emeritus professor of commercial law and trade agreement law for the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law at the University of Louvain, Antwerp and at the University of Lille III.

He has also conducted lectures in the field of author’s rights law and commercial practices law at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International law, patent law and competition law in Munich.

He works in Dutch, French and English.

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Dr. Dilyara Nigmatullina



Dilyara is an arbitration and mediation consultant. She has a law degree from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) MFA RF, an LL.M. degree from Stockholm University and a PhD degree in law from the University of Western Australia.

She specialises in international trade law and international dispute resolution. Dilyara is accredited as a mediator in civil and commercial matters by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission.

She has published in English and Russian on issues relating to international arbitration and mediation. Her publications include journal articles, book chapters, and online contributions.

She has also presented at international and regional conferences in the field of international arbitration and mediation. Dilyara works in English, Russian, Spanish and is conversational in Dutch.

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Christian Kissel


Christian Kissel is the accounting, financial and tax consultant of the firm with over 30 years of experience.

His knowledge contributes to the making of commercial analysis and the development of  commercial strategies.

He works in Dutch, French, English and German.

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Sophie Peeraer


Sophie is the secretary of the firm, and has over 10 years of experience. She handles the correspondence and is responsible for reception.

She holds a master degree in languages.

She works in French, English and Dutch.

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